Babylon Undead 04 – Tell No One

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In Tell no one we find Doctor Alexander Beck still morning the loss of his childhood sweetheart Margot brutally murdered eight years earlier. this is man broken and haunted by not being able to save his love. A man whom police originally suspected had a hand in her murder. A man still unable to let go of the past.

On the morning that two bodies are found close to where his childhood sweetheart was murdered he receives an email with instructions to follow the link at precise time – any earlier and he’ll find it a dead link. The sender uses a code that he and his wife used to scrawl upon their special tree – Alex and Margot forever. Upon following this link at the designated time Alex discovers a feed to a CCTV camera fixated upon an escalator with people getting on and off – going this way and that. One of the commuters stops and turns and faces the camera. For the longest time she stares at the camera causing ourman crumbles as he realises his long lost love, the woman he thought dead, Margot is very much alive and in danger. Tell no one the message reads, they are watching.

Director: Guillaume Canet

Writers: Guillaume CanetHarlan Coben (novel)

Welcome to Babylon Undead a series of films devoted to those outside of the Hollywood machine. Films by mavericks and madmen and wild women. Films of the avant-garde. The renegades. Films that polite society would rather you not talk about.

Babylon Undead 04 – Tell No One (2016)
Retrospective / Introduction / Review

Written / Directed / Presented by Zig Bingham

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